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Offering more than 20 years estimating experience, our is trusted by electrical contractots across Australia and the UK to provide the competitive advantage that will enable them to grow their business. Our estimates are accurate, detailed and comprehensive, as well as proven to be profitable over hundreds of projects.


MacLaren Electrical are committed to providing support to all our customers, regardless of the size of project or business. From refurbishment of a house through to complete commercial/industrial estimates, we show the sme standards of professionalism, detail and enthusiasm.

Why choose us

Professional estimates   Vast experience & knowledge   Trusted by repeat customers Fast & efficient service Specialist software for accuracy Competitive & transparent rates

"We firmly believe that the more we contribute to your success, the more we will contribute to our own"      


                                                                                                                                  - Paul MacLaren, Owner

Trusted Excellence in Electrical Estimating

MacLaren Electrical provides a professional and confidential external electrical estimating service for electrical contractors in the construction industry. We can offer a complete and stress-free solution to any electrical tender, providing additional resource when it is needed, without permanently increasing overheads.  Our services can be used to help with periods of peak demand, staff shortages or holidays, to avoid missing tender deadlines and to win extra work. We pride ourselves in our professional, trustworthy & efficient service.
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About MacLaren Electrical are a family run electrical estimating business providing a professional external estimating service for the construction industry. We provide support by compiling electrical estimates on your company's behalf and pride ourselves on the professional and efficient service which is more cost effective than employing in-house staff.
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