How do I send the tender documentation to you?

Simply forward the documents and information via email or send us a link from which we can download them.  We have in-house printers and equipment to enable us to complete the tender.  Tender documentation can also be posted should you only have them in hard copy.

How do you cost the materials, labour and sub-contractors?

After initial take-offs have been completed we start to compile the estimate.  We have access to wholesaler pricing databases, which are updated on a weekly basis.  Labour times are calculated using a combination of industry standard fit times, and our electrical engineers' own experience and knowledge.  Your companies hourly rates are then applied. Sub-contractor quotes are obtained from your preferred contractors and installed within the costings sheets.

How do you get the relevant information - hourly rates, preferred sub-contractors,


Our industry leading Tender Questionnaire is a short document which we ask you to complete when you send through your first tender. It enables us to apply relevant labour rates, wholesaler pricing and sub-contractor quotes, which in turn makes our tender return accurate and customised to your business. The tender questionnaire should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and once we have your details there is no need to complete one again for future tenders.

Do you undertake site visits?

We are more than happy to assist where we can, but unfortunately it is not always feasible for us to physically visit site unless it is local to us (Scottish Highlands).  Where a site visit is required we have had great success receiving photos of the site in its current state.

Can you meet our tender deadline?

We are committed to helping our customers when we can, including adjusting our workload to ensure tenders are return before any deadlines. However, we do ask clients to provide us with as much notice as possible so we can prepare your tender as accurately as possible.


A list of the most common questions relating to our service and how we can assist your business
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